Cina Sourcing

Your Ultimate Sourcing Partner in China

As a premier China sourcing company, CinaSourcing seamlessly connects you to the finest factories, guarantees competitive pricing, oversees production, ensures quality inspections, and manages door-to-door delivery.

What's CinaSourcing..?

And How Exactly Do I Get Started?

CinaSourcing is Your Product Sourcing Team in China.

Indeed, CinaSourcing was established specifically for enterprises like yours, without a native Chinese presence or local office. With us, you essentially have a dedicated sourcing hub in China, streamlining the process of identifying top-tier factories, securing the most competitive prices and terms, and guaranteeing consistently superior product quality!




Supplier & Order

Ready to Grow Your eCommerce Business?



We offer a COMPLETE suite of services tailored for small businesses:

– Product sourcing

– Supplier verification

– Production oversight

– Seamless order management.

We're YOUR ESSENTIAL partner for growing your online store.

Medium to Large Business

We provide a HOLISTIC approach to amplify your productivity, offering expansive product selections and a transparent supply chain.

From storage, selection, packing, to transportation, we manage your items DOOR-TO-DOOR, ensuring you a hassle-free experience.


Through our seasoned journey, we've propelled countless businesses from concept to reality.

Our professionals walk you THROUGH EACH PHASE, simplifying your path to swift and effortless business growth.

What Services Do We Provide?



We offer the latest products, helping you spot market trends. With us, you’ll find TRUSTED suppliers offering AFFORDABLE items for your brand.

Grow your business FAST and earn POSITIVE feedback from customers.



Our team provides a FULL solution for private labels. Boost your profits, stand out, and make your customers happy with our help.

You save money as private labels cut down on making, moving, and promoting costs.

& Graphic Design


A good-looking product always grabs attention. Our SKILLED team takes GREAT pictures and makes SMART designs.

You get more inquiries and sell more with our creative team’s help.



We give FAST shipping for Alibaba Shipping. Our team sends things by sea or air, depending on what you want.

Plus, our shipping costs are low with no hidden charges.



Our team is known for doing a good job with orders. We take the order, check the product, and send it to the Amazon warehouse.

You have less worry because we do the work for you.

and Warehouse


We keep, check, and send your product QUICKLY when you need it.

You don’t need to stress about stock. We handle it for you.

Quality Control


We offer MANY quality check services based on what you want. You get the BEST quality products at a GOOD price.

With our help, you spend less on making things and keep your customers happy.



We’ve spent years finding TRUSTED sellers. We give you cheap answers for all your product and shipping needs.

Your business does better with our LOW shipping costs, and you succeed quickly.

Amazon FBA Shipping


We’ve helped MANY retailers from all over ship to Amazon FBA. Our team plans, checks, and arranges your stuff the right way for FBA.

Your sales go up and you make more money quickly.

Need Producting Sourcing In China?

CinaSourcing Helps To Turn Your Ideas Into Reality!

4 Steps to Start Product Sourcing with CinaSourcing

Step1 : Submit Your Requirements

REACH OUT! You can email us or tell us what you need on our website.

What’s next? Our SERVICE team will get back to you and give you an agent.

Step2 : Get a Quote

Based on your project, your agent will give you a QUOTE in 48 hours.

Before you say yes to the order, we also help out – we send SAMPLES to you. This way, you can see if it’s what you want and if it’s good enough.

Step3 : Confirm Order

Hold on. Check the SAMPLE thoroughly.

Ready for the BIG ORDER?

We’ll keep an eye on things to make sure you get the BEST products. Our factories will carry out the manufacturing processes.

Step4 : Product Management and Fulfillment

You can keep your items in our STORAGE place until we send them. GOOD handling and QUICK SHIPPING make us one of the best around.

Our storage spots are really SAFE.

We Offer eCommerce Supply Chain Solutions for All Types of Buyers

Cina Sourcing Experts can be a GREAT PICK to save money.

It’s not just finding stuff or storing. We handle EVERYTHING from checking QUALITY, checking FACTORIES, to talking about PRICES.

You can RELAX knowing we got this!

We’ve got you. We take the ITEMS from your suppliers, use ISO standards, and pack it NICER and YOUR WAY.

Your BUSINESS grows and more people see it with special BOXES and FAST SHIPPING from our warehouses.

Can You See Why So Many People Just Like You Are

Moving Their China Procurement Work to CinaSourcing ?

Sarah B., California

Consumer Products

Peter O., California

Consumer Products

Red Sun, China

Factory Owner

Zee A., Illinois

B2B Products

Travis N., California

Fitness Products

Dave P., New Zealand

Clothing Apparel

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get Often

We help clients from many different industries, handling the product sourcing for lots of items. Honestly, we can find almost anything!

The price depends on what you need for your project. You can give us your details on our website form. We’ll talk to you and then send a free special offer. Ask for a Demo.

We’re based in Shenzhen, China. You’ll work with an expert from here. And yep, they speak good English!

We mainly look at suppliers in places like China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia in Southeast Asia

You can talk to your expert a lot or just a little, up to you. We use phones, messages, and email. We work for you, so you can always say hi.

Your expert will give you their top 3-5 supplier picks with details on the good and bad of each. They’ll look at price, quality, certificates, and more. But you choose who you want to work with in the end.