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Our PRODUCT SOURCING TEAM is in contact with RELIABLE and TOP suppliers, ready to fulfill all the REQUIREMENTS. We capitalize 100% success in your eCommerce selling or DROPSHIPPING business with QUALITATIVE SOURCING SERVICES.

We Offer eCommerce Supply Chain Solutions for All Types of Buyers

Cina Sourcing Experts can be a TOP CHOICE to put extra expenditure in a nutshell.

Not only Sourcing. Not only Warehousing. End-to-end product management and shipping, including QUALITY INSPECTION, FACTORY AUDITS, and PRICE NEGOTIATIONS.

You are OUT OF FEAR with our proven services!

We can still Help. Receive the ITEMS from your suppliers, apply ISO standards and package your item in a MORE PROFESSIONAL and CUSTOMIZED WAY.

You will expand your BUSINESS and increase your EXPOSURE with custom PACKAGING and FAST SHIPPING from our warehouses.

Additional Quality Sourcing Services

We take HIGH-QUALITY images of your products, use PHOTOSHOP, and make them more SUITABLE for product listings. So, MORE customers will visit your product listings and, in turn, BETTER chances for CONVERSION—More DEALS and HIGHER REVENUES!

Our private label packing team is READY to FASTEN the CUSTOM LABELS with CUSTOM PACKAGING. With private-label products, use UPLEVEL for your business status and increase business exposure. SKYROCKETING of sales is 100% FACT.

We are a one-stop shop. Get the product management, packaging, and shipping services SIMULTANEOUSLY. Relieve your mental stresses and save you TIME—no tension for anything.

Multi-Channel to Find High-Quality Suppliers


Ready to Grow Your eCommerce Business?


Whether sourcing goods, inspecting suppliers, examining the production, or handling order fulfillment, Cina Sourcing is ALL YOU NEED to grow your eCommerce business.

Medium to
Large Business

Cina Sourcing is your ULTIMATE solution to building extensive product lines and a flawless supply chain. You have peace of mind as we efficiently store, process, pick, pack, and ship your goods. 


We have years of experience in assisting businesses to kickstart their business ideas. Our sourcing professionals guide you STEP-BY-STEP in thorough product development.

4 Steps to Start Product Sourcing

Step1 : Submit Your Requirements

CONTACT US. You can email us or submit your requirements through our website.

Next? Our CUSTOMER team will respond to your request and assign the agent to you.

Step2 : Get a Quote

Depending on your project, your agent will send the QUOTE within 48 hours.

Before confirming the order, we also do a favor— send the PRODUCT SAMPLES to the customers. You can ensure what you are getting, and it qualifies your STANDARDS.

Step3 : Confirm Order

Wait. Go through the PRODUCT SAMPLE thoroughly.

It’s time for the BULK ORDER.

We will follow up and ensure HIGH-QUALITY end products. Our factories will carry out the manufacturing processes.

Step4 : Product Management and Fulfillment

You can store your items in our WAREHOUSE until we ship them. EFFECTIVE product management and FAST SHIPPING puts us among the top services in the WORLD.

High levels of safety are guaranteed in our warehouses.

Product Sourcing

Navigating the complicated world of product sourcing has become easy with Cinasourcing. Our committed team of experts carefully searches the market to find premium goods that fit your requirements and financial limitations. To suit your demands, we provide a large selection of product categories, including apparel, electronics, home goods, and gadgets.

Accept the ease and adaptability of drop-shipping by using our specialist product sourcing services. We make it easy to integrate with top drop-shipping platforms so you may increase the range of products you provide without having to worry about managing inventory. Our vast network of trustworthy suppliers enables you to execute orders quickly and above client expectations.

Cinasourcing is a specialized Product sourcing company offering sourcing services in China. We are able to acquire high-quality products at low pricing because of our wide industry relationships and profound awareness of the dynamics of the local market. We can help you whether you want to make exclusive alliances or capitalize on new trends. can serve as your specialized product sourcing agent, giving you a reliable ally in your sourcing efforts. As your eyes and ears on the ground in China, our product sourcing agency’s professionals  use their knowledge to negotiate advantageous conditions, carry out quality checks, and guarantee on-time product delivery. You obtain a competitive edge in the international market when you work with us.

With years of expertise in the field, we have the understanding and perspective to easily negotiate the challenges of product purchasing. Our extensive network of suppliers, manufacturers, and industry experts enables us to source top-quality products from around the globe. 

At, you can rely on us to continuously provide results since we value honesty and dependability above all else.