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Best Quality Inspection Service in China

Cina sourcing BELIEVES in QUALITY and CONTRIBUTES to it. We have a team of CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS who go for full inspection before and after production. You can ANTICIPATE 100% QUALITATIVE standards

Checklist of Quality Control Service in China



Does Factory meet QUALITY STANDARDS? We exclusively catch on during factory audits. You get SAFELY MANUFACTURED INVENTORY from top FACTORIES in CHINA. 


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Supplier Background Check

Our experts explore the TOP PERFORMANCES of the supplier. It means you get only EXPERT-VETTED SUPPLIERS.

Negotiations and profit margin processes become even EASIER.

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Our top priority is a pre-production inspection. It SECURES the end-product QUALITY. You get QUALITY ITEMS. 

Skyrocket your business progress with it.


In-Process (DUPRO) Inspection

Our experts perform an in-process inspection that puts forward the HIGH INTEGRITY and DESIRED characteristics of products. With this, you get SAFE PRODUCTS that impress your consumers.



Before shipment, we check the product QUALITY AND QUANTITY to confirm whether we have received the EXACT ITEMS with EXACT NUMBERS. No errors in any aspect! You will receive STANDARDIZED pre-shipment analysis report and FLAWLESS items.



Our final Inspection sheds light on the defective products and does everything that is BEST. Accurate shipments with ZERO PERCENT damaged inventory compel your customers to return to your business. MORE customers return, MORE SALES!


Loading Check

Before loading, we calculate the total number of packages and load the EXACT number of items. Exact items with exact numbers ELIMINATE the risks of DAMAGED inventory and MISPLACEMENT of inventory.


Article Inspection

Our team looks into the INGREDIENTS and QUALITY of the first article. You get the highest INTEGRITY of products. The conversion increases with QUALITY. More revenues are expected.


AQL(Acceptable Quality Limit) Inspection

We apply the certified ISO 2859 standards to ensure; the product meets your SPECIFICATIONS. The desired item with desired features is there. Go ahead and ROCK in your business with DESIRED QUALITY.


FBA Inspection

Our professional team is ready to INSPECT the products for Amazon FBA. You will obtain HIGH-END safe items to ship to your Amazon warehouses. No hassle, no tension.

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FBA Prep

We make your products ready for shipment to AMAZON Warehouse. You expect CUSTOM packinglabeling, and shipping to Amazon warehouses. No extra burden upon you for considering MULTIPLE TASKS.



Our inspection experts do A to Z inspections of your products. 100% INSPECTION confirms product QUALITY and INTEGRITY. You collect the DETAILED REPORTS with quite a comfort.

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We also believe in CE compliance, primarily if your customers reside in Europe. Your customers will acquire products COMPLIED with European Standards. This way, 100% Customer SATISFACTION is expected.


Compliance Audit

We check the social and ethical performance standards of your suppliers. This approach gets you the BEST FIT and NEGOTIABLE suppliers. And QUALITY is what you get in the end. Obviously, more business opportunities ahead.

Inspection, Supplier Audit, Product Testing in China & Asia

We focus exclusively on QUALITY CONTROL. Today hundreds of clients worldwide have selected to trust Leeline Service as their partner for supply chain Management.

Quality Control

Assuring the quality of your products is essential in the fast-paced world of international trade to win over clients’ trust, reduce risks, and maintain long-term success. At CinaSourcing, we are aware of how vital quality control is to your company’s success. We enable you to uphold the greatest levels of product quality and dependability throughout the manufacturing process with our extensive quality control services in China.

Quality Control

Why Quality Control Matters?

The methodical process of ensuring that goods fulfill predetermined standards and specifications prior to being introduced to the market is known as quality control. The following justifies the need of quality control for your company:

Customer satisfaction

Delivering high-quality items on a regular basis fosters confidence and trust among consumers, which encourages favorable evaluations, repurchases, and brand loyalty.

Risk Mitigation

By detecting and resolving possible problems early in the production process, effective quality control helps reduce the likelihood of errors, rejections, and expensive recalls.

Brand Reputation

Upholding a reputation for superior quality raises the profile and credibility of your brand in the marketplace, setting you apart from rivals and increasing demand for your goods.

Quality Control Services In China

At CinaSourcing, we provide an extensive range of quality control services that are customized to your company’s specific requirements:

Supplier Assessment

Prior to forming partnerships with suppliers, we carry out in-depth evaluations of their quality management systems, manufacturing capacities, and compliance with industry standards. This preliminary evaluation establishes the groundwork for a fruitful collaboration based on dependability and confidence.

Pre-production Inspection

To ensure that all materials, parts, and production procedures adhere to your requirements and quality standards, our skilled inspectors perform pre-production inspections. We assist in avoiding expensive delays and rework throughout the production phase by taking care of any problems early on.

Inspections Performed

Our inspectors conduct in-line inspections at various points in the production process to keep an eye on the quality of the product, spot any deviations from approved examples or specifications, and carry out necessary remedial actions. This proactive strategy guarantees that production runs smoothly and quality requirements are upheld.

Quality Assurance Consulting

Our team of quality assurance specialists offers consultation services in addition to inspection capabilities to assist you in creating and implementing strong quality management systems, identifying key performance indicators, and consistently enhancing your quality procedures.

Advantages of Amazon FBS Inspection


CinaSourcing has years of experience in managing supply chains and quality control services China. With this experience, the company has the knowledge of the sector and expertise to provide complete quality control solutions that are customized to meet your unique requirements.

Local Presence

We can conduct in-person inspections at the manufacturing sites to make sure your products live up to the highest quality and dependability standards thanks to our regional presence in China.

Cost Effective Solutions

We provide affordable quality control solutions that help you reduce risks, enhance the return on your investments, and optimize your manufacturing operations.