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FBA Label Service

March 18, 2023  ZOHA

While we are in the process of finding your ideal supplier, we will procure samples from each supplier and send them to you in one shipment.
This is in order for you to see the quality of each product and save on the shipping costs.
We can assist you with your Amazon Product FBA labeling. Send your FBA Product label and FBA Shipment Label to us and we will complete the process for you.
The fee for FBA Label service is $0.2 per item. (MOQ 20$ Per order)
Bundling&packaging can highly improve your product value. We can assist you in this process according to your requirements. We will send photographs of the work to confirm with you that all is in order.
The service fee will depend on the complexity of your requirements. Speak to your personal agent to confirm the fee structure.
Our in-house professional photographer will take relevant shots of your merchandise packaging design at any time if required of Amazon Product Photography.

To help build your brand and boost market presence, our team of highly skilled graphic designers are here to assist you with your own unique professional logo, package design and artwork.

All is in accordance with your requirements. The service fee will depend on your set design requirements. Please speak to your personal agent for more details.

Amazon FBA Label Service

The power of private labeling—a crucial tactic for differentiating your items, increasing brand recognition, and fostering customer loyalty—lies at the core of any successful FBA endeavor.Here we present the very best Amazon FBA label services from

Why Private Labeling Matters In Amazon FBA?

You can create a unique brand identity with private labeling that appeals to your target market and encourages repeat business and brand loyalty.

Our private label packing team is READY to FASTEN the CUSTOM LABELS with CUSTOM PACKAGING. With private-label products, use UPLEVEL for your business status and increase business exposure. SKYROCKETING of sales is 100% FACT.

You may maximize revenue and maintain long-term growth by gaining more control over pricing tactics and profit margins when you develop your brand through private labeling.


Best Amazon FBA Label Solutions At Cinasourcing

At CinaSourcing, we are aware of how crucial labeling is to the success of your Amazon FBA company. By utilizing our vast network of private label manufacturers and industry knowledge, we provide a full range of labeling solutions that are customized to your unique requirements:

Custom Label Design

In close collaboration with you, our team of graphic designers develops captivating label designs that complement your brand identity and product positioning. We guarantee that your labels will draw in customers and strengthen brand recognition, whether you’re introducing a new line of products or rebranding an old one.

Compliance Assurance

It can be difficult to navigate Amazon’s complicated labeling standards and legal obligations. In order to minimize the possibility of compliance issues or product recalls, our labeling experts carefully examine Amazon’s FBA labeling policy and industry standards to make sure your labels adhere to all applicable regulations.

Scalable Solutions

Our private labeling solutions are adaptable to your changing business demands, whether you’re introducing a single product or overseeing a broad range of products. We provide reliable quality and fast turnaround times for both small-batch products and large-volume orders, supporting your Amazon growth trajectory.

Why Prefer Cinasourcing Over Others?

End-to-End Solutions

CinaSourcing provides end-to-end private label solutions to optimize your Amazon FBA operations and boost productivity, ranging from label design and manufacture to quality control and transportation.

Cost Effective Solutions

We use economies of scale and our wide network of private label manufacturers to provide affordable labeling solutions without sacrificing dependability or quality.

Professional Advice

At every level of the labeling process, our team of knowledgeable experts offers professional advice and assistance, guaranteeing a smooth integration with Amazon’s FBA workflow and adherence to industry best standards.

Customer Centric Approach

At CinaSourcing, client happiness is our first priority. We establish long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and success by paying attention to your demands, comprehending your objectives, and customizing our labeling solutions to meet and beyond your expectations.