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Cina Sourcing is an all-in-one SERVICE— sourcing, receiving, storing, packing, and shipping all in one place.

We ensure TIMELY services with proper storage and SHIPPING of your products.


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DropShipping Agent Service

We label your products with your brand name and take your business to the NEXT LEVEL. You get customized INVENTORY with custom labeling. More products sold, more business EXPOSURE!

We locate your customers from every corner of the globe and ship PRODUCTS to them. You get worldwide shipping services with NO MORE TENSION. Fast and real-time tracking impresses your customers, and more orders are EXPECTED.

Before sourcing, we check QUALITY. Our inspection team ensures the FINAL PRODUCT is compatible with ISO QUALITY STANDARDS. Your customers grab QUALITY ITEMS and make multiple purchases. Isn’t it something you want?

We receive the items from your suppliers, count them, and keep them STABLE. Time to Time monitoring and EVALUATION of your inventory marks the product SAFER. No risk of damage, mental and financial satisfaction!

Leeline sourcing experts offer order fulfillment services for all your DROPSHIPPING ORDERS. You get the best order fulfillment services and ACCESS your products. ACCURATE and FAST shipping is at hand. 

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How Do We Provide The Best Dropshipping Service?

Small Business Friendly

Most dropshippers own small businesses, and we are there to help them. Our drop shipping services PERFECTLY match your business REQUIREMENTS and handle sourcing to shipping. You acquire HIGHER accuracy and MORE business.

Cooperate With Stable Suppliers

We have TOP suppliers in contact. Our suppliers are verified and negotiate each step in your QUALITY CRITERION. What you get are 100% ORGANIC and SAFE QUALITATIVE products. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is guaranteed.

Personalized Service

Cina Sourcing proposes personalized support— one agent specified for your DROPSHIPPING business. You get solutions for all your DROPSHIPPING problems. EXCEPTIONAL support LOWERS business risks.

Quality Products with Huge Margins

We speculate on the QUALITY and apply ISO STANDARDS to prefer quality over quantity. Our sourced MERCHANDISE has higher gains of 20%, 30%, or more. More profits, more income, and more business— a cycle develops.

We Can Be Your First Choice Dropshipping Partner!

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