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Cina Sourcing offers A to Z services regarding SOURCING and SHIPPING. Get a LIST of TOP suppliers. Make your CHOICES accordingly.

Uplevel your BUSINESS with our EXPERTS services.

Amazon FBA Prep Services You Gain

Inspection Service

quality-control (1)

We receive all your PRODUCTS from SUPPLIERS. Test the QUALITY. And REPORT you COMPREHENSIVELY regarding quality.

You get QUALITY products from your MANUFACTURERS with our help.

Label Service


We FASTEN the SPECIAL FBA stickers on your products. Our STICKERS don’t FADE. They don’t even affect the EXTERNAL appearance or QUALITY of the item. We count. LABEL. And SEND it to your AMAZON warehouse.

Hassle-FREE business with no EXTRA effort.

Amazon Private
Label Service


We design the BUSINESS LOGO. OUR logo perfectly DEFINES your business. You customize the PACKAGING. Put your BUSINESS labels. And we PREPARE the designs as per your needs. No errors occur while getting your INVENTORY ready for SHIPMENTS.

Increase your BUSINESS EXPOSURE with our services.

Sourcing Products


We are in CONTACT with wholesale SUPPLIERS. Our Suppliers are 100% TRUSTED offering WHOLESALE prices. You get products at LOWER prices and earn HIGHER MARGINS. Save bucks at every trade you MAKE.

Make more money with HIGH margin wholesale products.

FBA Packing
& Bundle Service


We CUSTOMIZE the product packaging. Redesign the NEW packages. And put labels on them to give an EDGE over your competitors. Our team packs MULTIPLE products into one PACKAGE as per your request.

Improve your PRODUCT significance with FBA packaging.

FBA Fulfillment and
Shipped Service


Our order fulfillment SERVICES are QUICK and effective. We DIRECTLY ship to AMAZON warehouses to let Amazon handle your SHIPMENTS.

However, you directly ship from CHINA to your AMAZON customers as per REQUEST. So, timely SHIPMENT is our GUARANTEE.

Get more clients with TIMELY shipments.

Amazon FBA Prep Service Fees

If you want to wholesale product from china to sell on, We will be your amazon FBA prep center in china.

Basic Product

0.10$ per item
(minimum of 20$ per order)

We will carefully consider the quantity and quality of your products and ensure that your products are well packaged.


$0.30 per product in bundle (include 5 items)
$0.1 per one more item.

Our facility will mix and match your items together into any configuration you’d like.We can also help you with shrink-packing, re-packing, adding insert, and much more.


0.20$ per item
(minimum of 20$ per order)

Send us your FBA label and we will complete the rest of work.


$0.20 per item

We will put each product into an FBA-approved polybag. This is required if you have any loose items, or items that can come apart.

Advantages of Amazon FBA Prep

Quality Inspection

Our experts are ADEPT at choosing the BEST QUALITY products on your Amazon store.

We apply different FORMULAS. Get The BEST items. And IMPRESS your customers with QUALITY.

Get MORE customers this way!

Full Packing Services

We provide CUSTOM to FBA packaging. To Boost your BUSINESS, we offer private labeling as well. 

Full packaging and SHIPPING to your warehouses ensure HIGH OUTPUT. 

Get FULL services from our experts

Higher Profits

We choose the PRODUCTS that have HIGHER margins. You Buy at LOWER costs and SELL at HIGHER prices.

Enjoy HIGHER profits with NO MORE trading risks.


Cina Sourcing Gives Full Suite Of Amazon FBA Prep Services

  • 100% RELIABLE SERVICES. We have helped HUNDREDS of customers source the inventory. Our PROFESSIONAL approach has compelled them to become our long-term customers. 
  • Dedicated support. We provide one-on-one support. That means you can resolve all your ISSUES instantly with our experts. So, no tension about any PROBLEM. 
  • High-Quality Services. Our Experts have a DECADE of expertise. Continued experience has put us on the TOP to get HIGH-QUALITY products. And IMPRESS customers. 
  • All-in-One Services. We handle all the SHIPPING and sourcing services on one platform. Get everything in your hand.

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