Cina Sourcing

Cina Sourcing

CinaSourcing founded by our CEO Mr. Zoha.  He has been working individually since 2019.

In 2020, we started our sourcing business in Shenzhen, China. We wanted to grow and give our customers good sourcing help. Now, we have a trained team.

Now, we have a trained team

We not only SOURCE the products. BUT ALSO vet the suppliers based on their business aspects.

We find products and check the suppliers carefully. Every supplier we have is checked and trusted. They meet all your needs.

In 3 years, we’ve helped over 1000 clients. They get good stuff. We help with finding, checking, storing, and sending items.



I’m Zoha, the founder of CinaSourcing, a Shenzhen-based sourcing agency company. We specialize in assisting clients with importing products directly from Chinese manufacturers, Alibaba, and 1688 suppliers. Our services are tailored for SMEs, individual sellers, Amazon sellers, and dropshippers. If you’re seeking quality products at competitive prices, please feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries.

Finding the best suppliers with high-quality products is the first priority. He has helped foreign sellers with all facilities through the sourcing company.

Product Sourcing Director

JinWen 金文

Jinwen, a Chinese citizen based in Shenzhen, serves as the Product Sourcing Director at Cina Sourcing. With his deep knowledge of the sourcing industry, he successfully leads the product sourcing and supply chain department, showcasing expertise in managing complex sourcing operations and supply chain strategies

Finding the best suppliers with high-quality products is the first priority.


Happy Clients




Product Sourced


Orders Delivered

We want to help online businesses grow. Our team finds good products, trusted suppliers, cheap shipping, and new ideas.

We want to be a big sourcing company that works in many countries with lots of customers and suppliers.

Our aim is to help your online business grow. We think of new ideas, have good ways of doing things, use new tech, and give great service.


Why choose CinaSourcing?

CinaSourcing has a team who really know the global market.

  • We’ve done sourcing for 3 years to help you work better.
  • You can chat with us anytime, and we’ll reply quickly.
  • We make sure products are top quality for your brand.
  • We have good shipping prices to help you save.
  • Our payments are safe to lower risks.


Our Core Values


Client Focus

We make custom business plans for what you need. We handle the work so you have less stress.



Our team is filled with experts to guide you in business. This gives you an edge over other online shops.



We make sure the stuff you buy is top-notch. With good products, your business will grow fast.



We know lots of shipping companies, so you have choices. We make sure your items get to your customers safely and quickly.


Keep Improving

We keep up with what’s new in the market. You get reliable sellers with good prices for your business.


Proactive Communication

Need help? Reach out and we’ll be there quick. Our main person will send you info and answer you fast.

Our Satisfied Clients

Ready to get started?

Contact us today to source your new products and grow your business.

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Our Office

Our Warehouse

Business License, Shipping Company License & YunExpress Partnership License

Business License

YunExpress Partnership

Shipping Company License

Our Address

You are welcome to visit us in China; our office is right beside the Longhua Station, Longhua district, Shenzhen. You can also send your product samples to the address below if necessary

Shenzhen Cinasourcing Trading Co., Ltd
Chinese: 深圳市奇纳网贸易有限公司