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Amazon FBA Sourcing Services

MAY 22, 2023

Amazon FBA Sourcing Service In China

We are experienced FBA Sourcing China Company With local office in china, 3 years of experience in sourcing, preparing and shipping products to Amazon FBA warehouses.

Serving Professional Amazon sellers all around the world with A – Z service and more FBA Sourcing China services. We will be your best china FBA agent.

We Ship - You Sell

Amazon FBA Sourcing

Our purchasing staff has many years of purchasing experience, can help you find the products you need at the right price, and can meet your individual needs.

FBA Prep

Our committed team gives you 100 % peace of mind with the assurance that the products supplied via socially responsible supply chains. Clients trust us to conduct our business responsibly; mitigating risk, upholding their values and maintaining the integrity of their brands and clients brands.


If you need delivery assistance, we are at your service. We can help in shipping within china, shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses in USA, Europe, shipping to your own warehouse, etc. We can assist with Fast air delivery, or ocean delivery; as to your needs.

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One Stop Shopping for Amazon Sellers

for a 5% Service Fee, You Receive All of the Following Services.

We Find You The Best Suppliers

As we’re based in China, we’re familiar with a wide range of manufacturers for all kinds of products.We’ll always ensure you get the most competitive price and best quality products, leaving you better off than searching suppliers on Alibaba all by yourself.

One-On-One Customer Service

Upon contacting Cina Sourcing with your product request, you’ll be assigned a professional customer representative to support you from sourcing, all the way through to shipping.We’ve supported thousands of Amazon sellers, and can help you effectively find the right product niche, or source new products to boost your business.

Brand Your Product

We offer complete packaging solutions to personalize your product labels, allowing you to build your own brand.Well-designed customized packaging differentiates your product from your competitors’, as well as increasing appeal to customers. This helps you sell your product for higher prices and increase profits.

Product Quality Inspection

We inspect all of your products before shipping.If there are any quality issues, we negotiate with suppliers on your behalf, and fix problems before the products leave China.

Shipping To Amazon

We arrange shipping your products from China through to Amazon warehouses, all for a very low cost.We also affix FNSKU and shipping labels, which are required by Amazon.

Quality Product Photography

Once you place your order, you’ll receive professional product photography, available for use in your Amazon listing.Every product with 7 images which fits for amazon listing.

Best Amazon FBA Sourcing Company

Our procurement staff in our team are employees with many years of purchasing experience. They are familiar with the techniques of purchasing in China. And they have long-term cooperation with many different types of factories.

We can find the products you need while ensuring a low level. price. In addition to purchasing, we can also help you complete the necessary steps of packaging, delivery, labeling, etc., so that you can easily complete sales at home. Regarding product quality, we have a strict process to control the quality and ensure that your products are in good condition and can be sold normally.

We also provide you with following service

If you need them please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to help you.

FBA Prep Services

If you’re already buying your products from Chinese manufacturers, we can provide you different aiding services to ease up the process for you.

FBA Private Label

A FBA private label product is a product which is manufactured by a third-party manufacturer and sold under a brand name and fulfilled by Amazon.


We provide FBA logistic service, help you forward them to Amazon FBA warehouses. We cooperate with many Logistics providers in China. So you can enjoy a good shipping service at a cheap price.

Amazon FBA Sourcing

Our Amazon FBA sourcing services are intended to remove all uncertainty from the process of finding goods for your FBA company. We will work closely with you to determine your target market, industry, and company objectives irrespective of your degree of experience. Will look for in-demand goods with strong profit margins by utilizing our vast network of suppliers and producers, providing you a competitive advantage on the Amazon marketplace.

FBA Product Sourcing

The key to success when selling things on Amazon is selecting the correct ones. You can feel secure in our Amazon FBA product sourcing services since we’ll find premium products that adhere to Amazon’s exacting requirements. We offer a broad variety of product categories to meet your business’s needs, ranging from electronics to home items, cosmetic products to pet supplies.

We’ll manage the entire sourcing procedure on your behalf as your go-to Amazon FBA sourcing agent, saving you both time and money. Our seasoned representatives in China have a wealth of contacts with trustworthy suppliers and a thorough understanding of the regional market. We’ll make sure your products surpass client expectations and satisfy Amazon’s criteria, from managing manufacturing and quality control to negotiating costs.

Being based in China, which is regarded as the global manufacturing powerhouse, offers us a distinct advantage as an Amazon FBA sourcing agent. Our local knowledge and on-the-ground presence enable us to get premium products at affordable prices directly from Chinese producers. You could cut out intermediaries and boost your profit rates on Amazon by doing this.