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Amazon FBA Inspection Services We Provide

Product Quality And Use Testing

We test the PRODUCT. Check its FEATURES. And secure it meets HIGH STANDARDS of QUALITY. If anything does not QUALIFY our CRITERION, We request the supplier. So no compromise on QUALITY is the BEST STRATEGY.

You TRADE QUALITY products and GRAB more customers.

Production Quantity Check

Our agent CLOSELY checks the number of products and reports to you. We ensure the EXACT quantity of products from your suppliers as DECIDED. A timely QUANTITY check saves your TIME and reduces CONFUSION.

Get the EXACT amount without any RISK.

Carton Size Check

Our agent takes a COMPREHENSIVE look at the product dimensions. Size, length, and WIDTH always match the AMAZON requirements. You RECEIVE 100% FBA-compatible sizes.

Boost your business with the RIGHT CARTON SIZE.

Product Labeling and FBA Compliance Check

Our inspector checks the PRODUCT packaging and LABELING. We guarantee your product meets the LABELING standards of FBA. You customize the LABELING to boost your BUSINESS exposure as well.

No risk of REJECTION from AMAZON.

Advantages of Amazon FBS Inspection


Customized Labeling
of Products

We provide access to the CUSTOM LABELING. You even get the PRIVATE label products. Fasten your BUSINESS LABELS. And BOOST your BUSINESS EXPOSURE.

Get FREE BUSINESS EXPOSURE and enjoy more sales.

Compliance with
Amazon FBA

Our experts know the RULES of AMAZON FBA. We implement MAXIMUM efforts to match the PRODUCT labeling and QUALITY. No rejection of INVENTORY occurs from AMAZON.

Your products COMPLY with AMAZON rules with HASSLE-FREE selling.



We provide affordable quality control solutions that help you reduce risks, enhance the return on your investments, and optimize your manufacturing operations.


Cina Sourcing Helps You With Amazon FBA Inspection

  • 100% RELIABILITY. Our reliability turns our short-term CUSTOMERS into long-term ones. So trade without extra risks with our TEAM. And get ENDLESS business benefits.
  • Top SOURCING services. We choose the BEST suppliers relevant to your REQUIREMENTS. AND grab the HIGH-quality products with no compromise.
  • 24/7 availability of our CUSTOMER services. When you INTERACT with a problem, we are THERE to assist you. A call would be ENOUGH to enjoy our TOP customer services.
  • Timely FULFILLMENT. We believe in the Timely SHIPMENT of orders and provide that. We get the ADDRESS of your customers. And SHIP the products at the GIVEN time with TRACKING facilities.

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Amazon FBA Inspection Services

Based in the center of China, Cinasourcing offers years of experience in Amazon FBA inspection and quality control services that are customized for Amazon sellers. With a thorough awareness of the complexities of Amazon’s policies and the e-commerce market, we provide all-inclusive solutions to protect the reputation of your business and raise consumer happiness.

Quality Control

Amazon FBA Inspection China

It can be difficult to navigate the complexity of sourcing and manufacturing in China, particularly for sellers looking to take advantage of Amazon FBA’s enormous market potential. We can do in-depth inspections immediately at the manufacturing sites thanks to our wide network and regional presence, which guarantees that every product satisfies your criteria and complies with Amazon’s standards. Our staff carefully inspects every batch of items to find any deviations from standards of excellence or product specifications, starting with pre-production checks and continuing through inline Amazon FBA inspections and final random inspections. We reduce the possibility of expensive rejections or returns by resolving problems early on, allowing you to keep your supply chain running smoothly and fulfill Amazon’s stringent deadlines.


Complete Amazon Inspection Services in China:

Our Amazon FBA inspection services  China go above and beyond simple quality inspections by incorporating a variety of standards to protect your company’s interests and reduce risks:

Regulatory Compliance

It can be difficult to navigate the web of regulations, especially for sellers in highly regulated industries. Our professionals perform comprehensive Amazon inspection and keep up with changing legislation to make sure your products adhere to all relevant environmental, safety, and labeling standards.

Packaging Compliance

Safe packaging is essential to safeguarding your goods in transit and giving customers a better unboxing experience. Our inspectors make sure that all labeling, markings, and packaging adhere to industry standards as well as Amazon’s policies.

Product Quality

We assess the functionality, design, and build quality of your products to make sure they meet your needs and appeal to your intended consumer base.

One Stop Solution For Amazon FBA Inspection

In the highly competitive realm of Amazon FBA, the dependability of your supply chain is just as important to your success as the caliber of your items. Working together with CinaSourcing to provide thorough Amazon FBA inspection services will help you reduce risks, improve operational efficiency, and improve brand recognition on the biggest online marketplace in the world. Our committed team works nonstop to maintain the greatest levels of professionalism, ethics, and quality from the conception of the product to delivery, freeing you up to concentrate on what you do best—expanding your Amazon FBA business with confidence.